Libraries are open. Please check your own library services from your municipality's website. Please take care of hygiene and safe distance while visiting the library.


Using libraries safely

The libraries in Lapland are open but some restrictions might be in place to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus.

You can borrow books and other materials as usual. Self-service hours are in use in some of the libraries.

Mobile libraries and home help services are working normally, but with a focus on safe distances and other protections.

In some libraries, the number of computers or the time allotted for their use may be limited.

Events in the libraries can be restricted. Some events are streamed online.

Some libraries may recommend wearing a mask.

When using libraries

Check your municipal library services in the library’s website or social media.

Please remember good hand hygiene and safe distances.

You should not visit the library if you are ill.

Special attention is paid to the hygiene of premises and equipment.

Library professionals and customers together create an environment in which secure library use is possible.

Service points and opening hours

The libraries in Lapland

In case of problems, you can contact the library by phone, e-mail or feedback form.

E-books are at your disposal unless you can come to the library

The library offers thousands of books, audiobooks and magazines in electronic form. These include new literature in Finnish and English, as well as foreign newspapers and magazines. To use them, you need the Lapland Library Card, a network connection and a computer, tablet device or smartphone.


Information on the coronavirus

The Covid-19 virus is transmitted from person to person primarily as a droplet infection in close contact. The most important ways to prevent the spread of the virus is to wash your hands well, use hand sanitizer and cough properly.

Hand washing and coughing

Corona-info: information on the coronavirus

General information on the coronavirus telephone service at 0295 535 535